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Redacted Arachnid

Feb 2019 - Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford; Aug 2019 - C Aquila, Edinburgh

The year is 2002, and everyone's favourite teenage web-slinging superhero has just hit the silver screen. His cinematic success begins to turn heads on Broadway, and one man has the vision to bring this friendly neighbourhood vigilante web-slinging, swinging and singing onto the stage.

That man is now dead.

The unofficial play about the real musical that went terribly wrong.

As Executive Director of Maybe You Like It Productions, I first produced the critically acclaimed comedy ‘Redacted Arachnid’ at The Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford, in February 2019, which then transferred to C Aquila at the Edinburgh Fringe in the same year. Known as the flyering Spider-people, we were selling out our 90 seat venue by the end of our run, and broke even, a rare feat at The Fringe. This project had a small team, and my responsibilities were wide ranging, including: applying for funding and managing budgets; bidding for and negotiating with venues, including chasing our funds when the venue itself went bust; communicating with problem companies performing near us; managing all aspects of marketing including social media, flyering schedules, and outdoor marketing; organising accommodation and transport; cast welfare, including producing a 10-page welfare and information document; designing and maintaining the website; negotiating ticketing deals; sound design; replacing stolen set, and more. You can find out more about Redacted Arachnid here.


Following the death of his predecessor, an established theatre producer takes on the most expensive Broadway musical of all time. Despite his previous successes, this 'comic book rock opera circus' just won't come together. Scripting issues, cast injuries, a rotating roster of creatives, and the inflated egos of rock stars all stand in the way of Redacted Arachnid being a roaring success. Featuring a satirical retelling of the musical, verbatim performances of real interviews, multirole-ing cast and a ridiculous dance routine, Redacted Arachnid is the unofficial play about the real musical that went terribly wrong.

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