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Assistant Director

I am available for roles throughout the AD department, from floor runner to 1st AD, depending on the size of the production. Find some recent projects and my variety of experiences on this page. Get in touch at

Pillow Talk art: Two female lovers cuddle

Pillow Talk

Stella is trying to get over Astrid. Really, she is. She just seems to keep getting back into bed with her, and anyone else she sleeps with just can’t seem to measure up.

Starring Charithra Chandran (Bridgerton, Alex Rider), Pillow Talk is a new web-series which follows a series of conversations with the people Stella has just been in bed with, in a comedic but emotional exploration of the worlds of relationships, casual sex, and millennial life.

Slugger: A baseball bat is lifted into the air


A short film about baseball and revenge, shot on a combination of digital and Super 8.

Slugger takes the viewer on a journey from idyllic home movie to stark digital reality as we watch Sarah, a baseball enthusiast, exact vigilante justice for Allan's crimes against young women. As her true purpose becomes clear, we move from Super 8, to filtered digital, to a pure digital wide, creating a visual backdrop for the viewer's growing realisation.

Starry Eyed: a woman and a young girl explore space in a tent.

Starry Eyed

A young woman finds herself inside her childhood doodles, arguing with her younger-self about her hopes, dreams, and puppy machines.

A chef glares seriously

The Maitre'd

A thriller of murder and thievery in the back rooms and kitchens of a restauraunt.

The Playhouse Poster: a cartoon of two women reading books in a bedroom

The Playhouse

Ramona is packing up to leave her childhood bedroom, when an estranged creative partner appears in a last ditch attempt to save their friendship.

Jake Morry decides how to boom a shot on a film set. There is a microphone on a boom in the background.

The Devil's In The Detail

Lucy is the worst ranked torturer in hell. For help, she turns to… the second worst. A short comedy.

A director of photography eyes up the next shot.

Breath From The Sky

A short film, adapted from an italian novella, exploring an afternoon in the garden of a terminally ill girl’s family home, where she is sitting.

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