I am a quick learner, personable communicator and proactive initiative taker, experienced paying close attention to activity on set to see opportunities to help or offer in order to make everyone else’s job easier.  So far my experience has been mostly in HoD roles on independent shorts, web series, and promotional materials, as well as student films. I am currently most interested in roles in the AD department for your project, including production assistant. Contact me at

A director of photography and Jake Morry investigate a super 8 camera

Assistant Directing

I am available for roles throughout the AD department, from floor runner to 1st AD, depending on the size of the production. Click here to view some recent projects and my variety of experiences. Get in touch at

Sound Recording

Combining my love for podcast recording and film making, I am available as a sound recordist for your project. Note that at present I do not have my own equipment. Contact me at

Two women sit on chairs surrounded by film equipment as they are interviewed on camera.
Two people look out at an imaginary space, as if reading captions in the air.


I provide freelance captioning services at very competitive rates, depending on transcript availability and burning requirements. My experience includes captioning for REV captioning services, including Broadway World’s trailer for Fiddler on the roof; BEAM online showcases; and the Working Class Artists group. Contact me about this service at


This section of my website is coming soon. If you would like to contact me about editing your project you can do so at

Post Production in Process