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A microphone and pre-amp for podcasting


I have over 4 years experience as a podcast producer and host. My services include editing, mastering, script writing and editing, and publishing across all major platforms. You can contact me about these services at

The Maybe You Like It Podcast

The podcast all about adaptation! We take stories from anywhere and talk about what else they can be and how we’d do it: plays, films, books, music, even just a tweet.

Hosted by myself and artistic director of Maybe You Like It, Caleb Barron, with music from Youtube sensation Kav Crossley, and with guests from across the creative industries

Along with my co-host, and more recently our general manager I book and communicate with guests, host, record, edit, master, publish, and market Maybe You Like It’s flagship podcast, which is now in its 3rd year. Listen at

Press Cuttings

A radio play of George Bernard shaw’s farce in an alternate history, recorded entirely remotely. It's April 1st, 1911, Westminster has been completely overrun by suffragettes, compulsory military service is in effect, and it's up to Prime Minister Balsquith and General Mitchener to restore peace and tranquillity to a chaotic Britain. Unfortunately, a harmonious nation requires a little bit of compromise, something Balsquith and Mitchener are not accustomed to.

Press Cuttings by George Bernard Shaw Poster Art

I’m incredibly proud to have produced this radio play in 3D stereoscopic sound, from remotely recorded audio during the pandemic. You can listen to it at

Half Hour Comedy Hour graphic

The Half-Hour Comedy Hour

A charity audio sketch show, produced internationally during lockdown.​

We invite you to a half-hour long hour of comedy, finding the zany and bizarre in the most mundane of places, inspired by those cosy nights snuggled up by the radio that none of the show's creators were alive to experience.

Over Christmas 2020, I developed and produced this collaborative audio sketch show, which raised money for The Gatehouse homelessness charity in Oxford. The process included writing and editing sketches, choosing the best to record, edit and mix, and then stitching the whole thing together. It also featured a host of improvised characters. You can listen at

Audio Books

I can record and produce your book as an audio book at a competitive rate. Find my reel here for examples of my work. If you would like your audiobook produced, contact me at

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Audi Books
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