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I am available as a project manager, assistant, or co-ordinator for your project. I have particular experience in the arts and technology but no sector is off limits.

The Mayor of Watford and Watford Palace Theatre General Manager pose in front of costumes.
Watford Cultural Support & Development Grant

Project Co-ordinaor: Watford Borough Council has partnered with Watford Palace Theatre (WPT) to deliver a programme of support and grants to Watford-based cultural or creative businesses, collectives and freelancers that have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, and would benefit from targeted support to help them resume, develop and improve their operations.

I worked as project coordinator for this grant programme over 10 months, being responsible for the timeline and delivery of the programme, acting as first point of contact for applicants, panel and all management parties, managing data, processing applications, dispensing monies, and producing reports.

Tracey-Ann Oberman poses as Shylock on a brick background depicting Cable Street. Poster for the Merchant of Venice
Merchant of Venice: Education Project

I have acted as consultant, administrator and researcher for various aspects of this project running alongside the Watford Palace Theatre’s production of Shakepeare’s The Merchant of Venice starring Tracy Anne-Oberman.

I am assisting with the development of this programme, and acting as researcher for part of the R&D process with the Royal Shakespeare Company, for this exciting programme.

Web design
Website Design & Development

I am available to design a website just like this one for you or your business. I can also set up your mail server.

My websites include this one and

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Web Design
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