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The Merchant of Venice

Spring 2023 - Watford Palace Theatre; National Tour

Tracy-Anne Oberman on a brick background with the text THE MERCHANT OF VENICE

Tracy-Ann Oberman stars as Shylock in this new production of The Merchant of Venice. A radical new production set in the East End at the time of the Battle of Cable Street.

I am producing assistant and project manager for the education project for this reimagining of one of Shakespeare’s most problematic plays. Originally slated for 2020 and now set to tour in 2023, I have been involved with negotiations with venues and producing partners, and will be focusing on developing the education project with a number of exciting partners for the next year. 


This vivid experiential retelling reimagines Shylock as an East End matriarch, a widowed refugee from Russian pogroms. An immigrant, running a small business from a cramped house in Cable Street, she’s working to give her daughter Jessica a better life. The play’s heroine Portia and her circle are aristocratic Fascists. Their playground is piano bars at the Savoy, bias cut silk gowns, white tie and tails.

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