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Pleading Stupidity

Aug 2023 - Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh; Aug 2021 - Hen & Chickens Theatre, London; Feb 2020 - Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford;

Aussies Chad and Brad are on trial.

Whilst on their gap year in the ski town of Vail, Colorado, they used fake IDs to go clubbing, stole credit cards, and shot paintballs at cars. And then, they robbed a bank... whilst still wearing their name tags from work.

Immediately identified by the two bank tellers, their crime was solved in just 8 minutes. So, to evade prison, they’re Pleading Stupidity.

As executive producer of Maybe You Like It Productions, I first produced the critically acclaimed comedy Pleading Stupidity in Oxford at The Burton Taylor studio in 2020. Based on this production we were offered a slot at Zoo Venues in Edinburgh in 2020. Upon the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 Fringes due to COVID-19, I instead produced a re-written version of the show at The Hen & Chickens Theatre as part of the 2021 Camden fringe. This production garnered the support of The Lawrence Batley Theatre and Watford Palace Theatre who supported the show in an R&D week in October 2021, which in turn led to a rehearsed reading at Chichester Festival theatre in 2022. 

Most recently, the show enjoyed rave reviews from over 1500 audience members at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe.

As Producer for Pleading Stupidity, I have managed every aspect of the production including contracting actors and creatives, negotiating with partners, bidding and communicating with venues, creating and managing budgets, and more.

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