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Move Fast and Break Things

Camden People's Theatre, May 2022; Summerhall T0, August 2022

Women in lab coats investigate a live streaming camera on stage.

Production Manager

A theatrical deep-dive into the data-sphere, using movement, live video and puppetry to tell the story of searching for the man who invented Search.

Featuring custom projection screens, live camera feeds, live voice modulation, and sand based puppetry

I am production manager for Freight Theatre's Move Fast and Break Things, produced by Grace Dickson Productions. My role on this project is bringing together complex technical elements for this production, from custom projection screens and live camera feeds, to live voice modulation, to sand based puppetry. I am working with venues and creatives to bring the directors' vision to fruition, managing the tight technical rehearsal periods at Camden People's Theatre, and at Summerhall later this summer.

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