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Chatham House Rules

Feb 2022 - Downstairs, Pleasance London

A man looks overwhelmed holding perfect yellow flowers and a phone displaying the Tiktok logo

Directed by Emily Aboud, this blistering new play, written and performed by Louis Rembges, examines the secret world of the 1% and the power of social media.

I am assistant producer & technical stage manager for this exciting project with Grace Dickson Productions. Originally scheduled for the cancelled 2022 Vault Festival, it will instead run at the Pleasance theatre as part of their transfer season. My duties have included contracting creatives, AV checks, being the point of contact with venues, and audience development. 


Host is going to work again. Front of house, barista, cloakroom check, finsta meme exec, human signpost, agent provocateur, waiter, TikTok darling - it's giving range. But this time it’s different. Hospitality agency work is never as stunning as we want it to be but this shift is particularly deranged. High profile, ex prime minister, secret cult, Brexit revenge, dark web, Birkin handbag prices level deranged. And to make matters worse, we’re not allowed to talk about it. Ever. So come watch a play about it instead.

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