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BEAM Showcase

Autumn 2021 - Hackney Empire

The BEAM 2021 logo.

The UK’s biggest showcase of new musical theatre. A hybrid, digital and live, event withpitches from 38 new musicals in development, some pre-filmed, some livestreamed, with ideas ranging from daytime bhangra raves, to climate change told as a love story, from challenging the UK’s hostile environment policy to singing lesbian pirates.

I was producing assistant for this important industry showcase, aiding in the presentation of more than 40 new musicals with the potential to be developed beyond the annual showcase. Responsibilities included communication with attendees, attending production meetings, and planning and executing routes through the building. I was assistant stage manager for the tech and performance of the showcase, planning and executing the movement of set, instruments, stands and microphones, as well as communicating with and having responsibility for artists on stage throughout the week.


BEAM is co-produced by Mercury Musical Developments and Musical Theatre Network, in association with Hackney Empire and, with funding and support from Arts Council England, the PRS Foundation for Music, the Coach Jack Curran Trust, Youth Music and the Coral Samuel Charitable Foundation.

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